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Black Diamonds Are Genuine Diamonds by Alpha Team

According to an Indian Geologist, black diamonds recovered only from alluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic, came from space. Black Diamonds are sometimes referred as Carbonados, they posses an opaque quality hence can not be graded in terms of clarity. The inclusion of graphite leads to the opaque black color. Black Diamonds are genuine diamonds treated with radiation method to make the color appear black. From the naked eye the diamonds look black but matter-of factly it is very dark green. It is the radiation treatment that makes dark Green diamonds look Black.

In a world filled with contradictions, black diamonds stand at the head of the list, Yama... god of death to the ancient India, when the Black Diamond was in the form of twin crystals, suggesting the head of a serpent, it was dedicated to him. In Medieval Italy, the Black diamond was seen as the "stone of reconciliation". Wave a black diamond in the face of the spouse and all will be well again. Leaving the myth aside, looking at the history of this stone, The Black Orloff.... Also known as the ‘Eye of Brahma". This stone supposedly gets its name from the Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin Orloff who owned it during the mid eighteenth century. It was also part of a shrine in India in the nineteenth century.

Black diamonds stirs our unimagined depths. Our repressed emotions and deepest fears rise to the surface our minds-hate, envy, malevolence, revenge, and other nether responses. Black Diamond gives us the power to confront them and adjust them. It shows us a new path; it protects us.

The black diamonds fill a void for black stones left empty outside materials such as Onyx. Most commonly, designers are mixing the black stones with their white relatives for a high-contrast look. Today, designers love this stone due to the cost fact, even though it is diamond, it can be bought at the price of good grade semi precious stone, plus with the size uptill 25 carats or so, it can really take you on a flight of imagination and creativity, if you want to be on board this flight, call us and we will make sure that you have the size,shape and carats that you are looking for!! Have fun and a safe flight!!.

This article was published on Wednesday 16 January, 2008.
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