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Drop Shipment

Sell on ebay


Do you want to sell merchandise/products through the internet without actually spending or investing even a cent to make that extra money?? Okay, then use our Drop Shipment feature.


Advantages, when you use Drop Shippers:

1. You do not invest any finances in maintaining for holding an inventory of merchandise that you are selling via web marketing.


2. After you make a sale, you do not ship any merchandise to your customers directly from your offices. We will ship your order on your behalf.

What are drop shippers?

As drop Shippers, you do not pay up front to stock products or the merchandise. You also do not need any warehouse, or ship anything. You simply place product information (images and descriptions) on your website or bid on an auction site, take orders, complete your sales and then email those orders to us. We will ship on your behalf to your customer's door step. You will never have to touch it. You set/decide your own retail price, and pay the supplier (in this case us) the whole sale price, that is shown on the website, and making a profit every time. For international drop shipping orders, we would require telephone number and the e-mail address of the final recipient.


A.)There is no fee involved in using us as drop shipper.

B.)There is no fee to upload our product/merchandise images.

C.)There is no membership fee.

D .)There would be NO restocking fee.

E .)Please confirm the product availability from us before selling it to your customers.

Here's how the drop-shipment program works with different options: 1.) You can borrow pictures/descriptions of the products from our website for your website/or cut and paste on eBay auction and after you have made or completed the sale, you can contact us, pay us our advertised price, (You are of course at free will as to how much you want to sell it for at to your clients through auction sites or EBay) and then provide us with the full details and contact address of your customer, after receipt, we will then ship the merchandise in your name (Sender's name). The customer will not know that the merchandise has come through a third party. In the package only merchandise would be there, no invoice, flyer or anything else that might give an indication. Invoice will be sent to you via mail. Most importantly, please make sure that if you are placing any product on auction, especially, one of our specialized products such as large pieces of Tanzanite or any other product that you do not see in abundance on the website, please call and inform us so that there are no embarrassing situations such as the item being already sold out and all that....We do not want you to lose your sale.!

The Drop ship order can be placed in three ways:

1) Online: (Orders@alphaimports.com)

2) Email: (info@alphaimports.com or sales @alphaimports.com

3) Fax: (212-768-0599)

4) The requirements for Drop Ship Order are:

4a) Shipping Address (Your customer's contact details with address.)

4b) Billing Address (Your address)

4c) Your Telephone number and Email

4d) Please Complete and Clear Order details to prevent shipping erroneously.

5.0) Shipping Mode Required

6.0 )Clear mention of the word "DROPSHIP" in the order.

For everyone's highest comfort level, we have a 30 days privilege, hassle free return/refund policy International customers have 30 days to return an item.

After 30 days of your purchase you can return an item for replacement or exchange within 60 days of the original date on the invoice.

We have been involved in drop shipping for a while now and we can confidently say that it has proved to be a great profit tool for both sellers and buyers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 212-575-2637 or toll free: 1-800 56 ALPHA (2-5742)

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