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About Champagne Diamonds

Biggest Fashion statement and Trend-Setter of year 2004,2005 and it is still continuing.

If you do not believe this, then just rewind the tapes of the annual Academy awards functions (Fashion Icon and Trend-setter in terms of life styles of Rich and famous ) and watch the famous celebrities walk by through the red carpet who have especially adorned Champagne Diamonds, to add more intensity to their own beauty and the function. It just shows that their personal jewelers exactly know the latest fashion trend and awareness and like to see their clients wearing their inspired creations. But, now that the secret is out this is not just limited to the celebrities alone it is also available to the elite, such as yourself.

Want to know more about the Champagne Diamonds?

In a remote corner and deep beneath the ragged ranges in the Kimberly region of North West Australia, spectacular diamonds were growing more beautiful as the centuries passed away, the colors began to show. Finally in 1979, the first inkling Diamond mine in the world became known. The Argyle Diamond mine.

Apparently, the Geologists discovered and realized that these precious stones had become colored, even though, the original Diamonds were formed over 3 Billion years ago, It was compression of the Diamond lattice structure by tremendous forces deep beneath the earth is said to have led to Red, Pink and Champagne Diamonds, hence making Australia's soil, bright with fire and brilliance ands color.

It's often said that it is all in the name, so true, Champagne Diamond, like Champagne, subtle, and mysterious, saturated with rich natural color, that took billions of years in the making, hence offering, these extraordinary, fire-laden gems in various shades from light subtle color to a palette of colors, in between, inspiring, remarkable jewelry making.

It is their uniqueness that these Diamonds are set off brilliantly next to colorless diamonds, with an extra dose of sparkle, dash of thrill, timeless classic, in built versatility and limitless possibilities of innovation.

Let's get down to serious business now!

In the case of Champagne Diamonds it's the Three C's


To understand and inspect the true perspective, it should be done on a bright day with natural day light. There are various tints of Champagne colors, such as, C1-C2 Light Champagne C3- C4 Medium Champagne C5-C6 Dark Champagne C7 Fancy Cognac.


Sometimes, Bad or UN professional cutting can affect the color, resulting in un-even color zoning; Bow-ties that often appear in fancy cuts are not necessarily considered bad, unless it dramatically affects the totality of the color.


Like all other diamonds, these stones come in a range of clarities. The amount of color usually outweighs clarity unless the stone is visibly marked.

Call us today and ask us for our special deals in Champagne and other color Diamonds.
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